California is our home

but we need more opportunity
and less hardship

California's got big challenges. We all know it – from crime and homelessness on our streets to the less obvious stuff like how hard it is for families to make ends meet. Everything's getting more expensive – homes, rent, getting around, food. And even with lots of jobs, it's tough to find good ones that pay enough to cover these costs and let us save for the future.

Our state's diverse, and that's great. But it also shows us the big gaps we have. Reports from the Public Policy Institute of California and UCLA show that Latino families are disproportionately feeling the pinch. Their housing costs are skyrocketing way faster than their incomes. So, a lot of middle-class Latino families are struggling to find affordable places to live. This isn't just about having a roof over their heads – it's about being able to afford other important stuff like schooling and healthcare.

It's not just housing, either. Healthcare, getting around, and childcare costs are hitting Latino families hard. This is making it tougher for them to move up in the world. They're stuck making hard choices, trying to find financial stability.

We've been told that more diverse voices in our government would help fix these problems, especially for our Latino communities. But we're still waiting to see real change. That's where New Day CA and the New California Coalition come in. We're rallying businesses, politicians, community folks, and the drive to make a difference. We’re all about educating people and making sure our leaders are doing their job.